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Welcome to Eurotec

Density News


Density is the first densitometer to employ the patented suspended arm architecture. Its one-piece solid aluminum frame makes Density's design both pleasant and practical.


Density is equipped with dVision. dVision is a totally new software specifically designed to be easy-to-use and to have a very gentle learning curve. It has been developed from the point of view of the operator, who has been given a set of automatic tools that make things easy and quick.


Thank to its new layout, to the new x-ray source and to the advanced onboard processor, the scan time is reduced down to 80s for fast exam and 120s for standard setup (AP spine).
A whole body scan may take down to about 6 minutes.


EUROTEC MEDICAL SYSTEMS s.r.l. is one of the most important company in Italy designing and manufacturing x-ray devices.

Eurotec Medical Systems units are designed, developed and manufactured in ITALY aiming the most innovative mechanical and technological solutions.

The know-how of Eurotec Medical Systems has just given birth to Density, a different bone densitometer fast and smart.